About us

Who are we ?

Since you are on the About us page, we have to introduce ourselves.
So...Hello, we are Forex Trading Center.

Forex Trading Center is a global investment company that is legally registered in Hong Kong, do trading in forex market and crypto leverage trading.

Forex Trading Center formed by a highly skilled team who has experience in Forex & Crypto leverage trading for more then 5 year. Our highly skilled trading team gained proper knowledge and experience with time on forex and crypto leverage trading and established highly profitable trading strategy for the company that ensures the maximum and stable return on company capital. Our safest trading strategy made us confident to book the maximum return on our investment, so we have launched the global investment program that can increase our company capital to book more profit and portion of the profit can be shared with our investors easily.

Our registration documents

Forex Trading Center Certificate
Forex Trading Center Certificate
Forex Trading Center Certificate
Forex Trading Center Certificate

What does our platform offer?

We offer investment solution to global investors using our program, who can invest in forex and crypto leverage trading and get stable return on their investment.

Forex Trading

How we ensure profit from forex trading?
We do forex trading on working days (Monday to Friday) and operational 24 hours a day, thanks to our advanced trading bot developed by our team according to the unique trading strategy that made our margin trading most profitable one.

Crypto trading

Profit generation from Crypto Trading?
We do crypto trading 24/7 basis, our crypto trading ensures the most safest return as the capital get assigned in different segment of crypto trading / leverage trading as portions to ensure the maximum return, We do crypto trading mostly to generate profits for weekends.

Margin trading

Profit from Margin Trading?
We are capable of generating a stable return with our margin trading facility, where the funds are taken from our global investors, who earn interest based on the investment plan as a portion of profit that is generated through the margin trading.